Who I Work With

The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


My Clients

I work with people in many different stages of life, from young adults to parents to people in midlife. Some are parents of teens who want to develop more effective strategies for helping their teens navigate this sometimes challenging state of life. Some are parents who want to enhance their relationships with their young adult children. Some clients are transitioning from one chapter of life to another. Some are struggling with a major life change such as children leaving home, divorce, a move, or a job change. Many feel "stuck" for one reason or another, or simply don't know why they feel stuck.


Wherever you find yourself in life, with help you can catch your SECOND WIND!

I work with TEENS and YOUNG ADULTS 

"Don't look back - you're not going that way!"



  • Is your teen or young adult child confused about their future?

  • Is your teen or young adult child struggling with their career path?

  • Is your teen or young adult child stressed out about social relationships/dating?

  • Is your teen or young adult child experiencing anxiety due to academic pressures in high school or college?

  • Is your teen or young adult child experiencing family conflict with a parent or sibling?

  • Is your teen or young adult child expressing negative feelings and thoughts about themselves?

  • Is your teen or young adult child feeling anxious and overwhelmed and can’t identify why?




It's never too early to start to develop healthy thoughts, habits, and behaviors. Life Coaching is a goal-oriented process that can help your teenager or young adult child move forward, grow, and develop in positive ways. Your teen or young adult child can efficiently learn how to identify clear choices, how to communicate effectively and learn to want positive outcomes.


Through the coaching process, I will help your teen or young adult child recognize and access their abilities, navigate through the murky waters of the teen and young adult years, and develop a strong sense of self.




I work with PARENTS



“Little kids, little problems ... big kids, big problems”


  • Do you want to be a strong confident parent who launches independent, resilient young adults? 

  • Are you overwhelmed or confused about how to motivate your child to branch out and build a solid foundation? 

  • Do you struggle with setting boundaries with your adult children? (Are you still doing their laundry, paying their cell phone bills even though they don’t live at home anymore?)

  • Do you have difficulty connecting with your teen or adult child, or do you want to redefine the relationship but don’t know where or how to begin?


Maintaining healthy relationships with our young adult children has become a much greater challenge in our current, fast-paced world where direct communication is often replaced with text messaging and tweets.  So when it comes to the important stuff, how do we build and maintain successful, healthy, fulfilling relationships with our teenagers and millennial children?  There is so much advice on how to raise our children, but little instruction on how to communicate with our teenagers and millennial children in this fast-paced technological world. 


Together, we will explore effective communication techniques and figure out how to achieve and maintain an open and supportive parent/child relationship. 




I work with PEOPLE in MIDLIFE


"In my next 30 years…"
In our generation, people in their 50’s are expected to live for at least another 30 years. What do you want these years to look like?  


  • Do you want to be your best self?
  • Do you need to rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem?
  • Are you struggling to determine or define your role now that your children have grown up and moved away?

  • Has your sense of purpose and daily routine been turned upside down?

  • Are you asking yourself, “Now what?”, “Who am I?",  “Am I happy in my job, my marriage, my home, myself”? 

  • Are you feeling sad, stuck, and overwhelmed?


While some find a sense of calm and confidence in their 40’s and 50’s, many experience a feeling of uncertainty and are confused about the path forward.  Why not make this the most fulfilling and powerful time in your life? Allow me to help you identify the opportunities that come with this transition.  Together, we will explore how you can reinvent yourself in this new and exciting stage of your life. 

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